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Youth Kickboxing


Youth Kickboxing – combines the discipline of Kickboxing with personal development and life skills. Kids of all ages and abilities at SBG become independent thinkers and compassionate leaders, learning to navigate all of life’s challenges.

The Youth Kickboxing program at SBG Scarborough offers Kickboxing classes for children ages 10+ .  Unlike many other sports and recreational programs, our programs run all year round and new students are always welcome to join.  

kickboxing as a constructive outlet for youth

Kickboxing offers a multifaceted approach to youth development, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Through rigorous training, young practitioners not only enhance their physical fitness but also cultivate discipline, focus, and resilience. The structured environment of kickboxing classes instills valuable life skills such as goal-setting, perseverance, and self-control, essential for navigating challenges both inside and outside the gym. Moreover, kickboxing fosters camaraderie and teamwork, as students support and motivate each other in their journey towards improvement. By channeling their energy into a constructive outlet, youth can develop confidence and self-esteem while learning to manage stress and regulate emotions effectively. Overall, kickboxing empowers young individuals to lead healthier, more balanced lives, equipped with the tools to overcome obstacles and thrive in various aspects of their personal and academic endeavors.

Give Your Kid REAL Confidence To Stand Up To Bullies

Confidence is a major key in long-term success in a child’s life and a major deterrent for unwanted bullying.   Instilling our kids with confidence and a strong will is paramount to them having a successful school career, not to mention giving them a huge head start in a world that values charismatic and resilient adults.

Many other styles of martial arts out there are instilling false confidence in their students claiming that what they are learning should work.   At SBG we make sure that the techniques and skill sets we teach actually works!  Since most altercations start on their feet, Kickboxing is ideal as it teaches you how to protect yourself standing up using techniques they practice in class every week.  By practicing our techniques against other kids in class, we build confidence in Kickboxing and in their everyday lives.

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Fun & Welcoming

At Straight Blast Gym Scarborough, we are dedicated to creating an environment where you feel welcome, encouraged and have fun.

Beginner friendly

We understand that starting up can be intimidating.  This is why we have a dedicated program designed specifically for beginners to make the initial transition easy and create a solid foundation to build on.


SBG is about people.  Our goal is to offer cutting edge training in self defense, combat athletics, fitness, and personal growth.  We cater to all body types and individuals alike that walk through our door; men, women and children.

Alive & Functional training

SBG Scarborough is dedicated to bringing you safe, functional martial arts training that can be used against resisting opponents. You will not find any rituals, forms, titles or myths that do along with many traditional martial arts

Amazing Community

Being a part of SBG Scarborough is more than just a place to train.  It's an amazing community where people can get together, make friends and help motivate each other to overcome limitations in order to reach our goals.

Innovative Coaching

Part of being a good coach is to be highly skilled at what you are teaching. The other part is being able to articulate and communicate clearly what you are teaching. At SBG, we use innovative coaching methods and consider teaching as a science as we are constantly looking to improve our teaching methods.