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Welcome to Straight Blast Gym Scarborough

Straight Blast Gym Scarborough is more than just a martial arts academy, we are a fun, positive and encouraging community dedicated to helping people reach their goals and overcome their limitations – regardless of whatever their goals may be.  We believe in working hard to help you be the best you can be on and off of the mats.


Our community is built of people from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life who come together to improve themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  Whether you are looking to get started in martial arts, improve your fitness level, elevate your current training or meet new friends, SBG Scarborough is the place for you.  We train ordinary people to be extraordinary!


Training at Straight Blast Gym Scarborough also puts you on the cutting edge of combat sports and fitness.  Our authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai programs for men and women are popular because they are effective in getting people in shape, learning new skills in combat sports and functional self-defense and meeting their goals.


Being a part of SBG Scarborough’s community also makes you a part of a larger global community of Straight Blast Gym International.  With gyms located in the US, Ireland, UK, Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Estonia and whose competitors can be seen in the UFC, TUF and some of the biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition stages, you will be part of the best martial arts organization in the world.  One Tribe, One Vibe!

SBG Athlete and UFC Champion Conor McGregor.

Why SBG Scarborough?



Our coaching staff is passionate about making champions – regardless of whether or not you ever compete. We believe in working hard to help you be the best you can be on and off of the mats.

Jun Dazai

Founder / Head BJJ Instructor


SBG Scarborough’s founder and head coach, Jun has over two decades of experience teaching and training in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu combined.


One of the first people to train Mixed Martial Arts in Toronto, Jun started in Jeet Kune Do Concepts in 1992 under Makoto Kabayama and became one of the youngest instructors and a founding member of the Canadian ‘JKD Family’.  During that time, he has trained with numerous instructors worldwide in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, JKD, Shooto, Boxing, Muay Thai, Filipino Martial Arts, Wrestling, etc., and has taught classes and seminars in Canada and Japan.


Since 2003, Jun trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  In 2006, he began training full-time with Jason Lancucki at SBG Toronto where he was introduced to Straight Blast Gym’s coaching methods.  He currently holds the rank of Brown Belt awarded by 4th Degree Black Belt and SBG founder, Matt Thornton.


In June 2015, Straight Blast Gym Scarborough was founded to spread the beauty and power of BJJ and mixed martial arts.  A gym where Everyone feels welcome to train in a laid back, warm, positive and fun environment.

Jeremiah Cabuntocan

Head Muay Thai Instructor


Coach Jeremiah began his Muay Thai journey 12 years ago, originally training at Ultimate Martial Arts, then later on moving to Team Scorpion, becoming a part of the competition team. Since then, he has competed in Kickboxing & Muay Thai matches across Canada and the United States.


In 2011, he also started to train in Arnis/Eskrima, and has also competed on several tournaments.


Over the past few years, coach Jeremiah has been focusing on coaching. His high emphasis of building solid fundamentals, and constant technique repetition make him a suitable coach for beginning practitioners or even for the seasoned Nak Muay.

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The Gym

Our 2000 square foot academy is located in East End Toronto,  Scarborough, close to the intersection of Danforth Rd, Eglinton Ave and Brimley Rd, and is a short distance away from Eglinton East, Cliffside, Cliffcrest, Scarborough Village and Guildwood areas.  With plenty of free parking and close to Kennedy subway station and Eglinton GO station, we are easily accessible.


Our facilities is equipped with 2″ Dollamur mats, heavy bags, chin up bars, climbing rope, battle rope, squat rack, olympic weights, dumbells, focus mitts, thai pads, shower and much more…



Training at Straight Blast Gym Scarborough puts you on the cutting edge of combat sports and fitness. Our authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai programs offer Functional self-defense, expert instruction and a great workout.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

DSC08660Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was formed from Kodokan Judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught to Carlos Gracie and Luiz França by Mitsuyo Maeda and Soshihiro Satake. Carlos Gracie is known as the Founder and Creator of Modern Jiu Jitsu (Gracie Jiu Jitsu/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). Brazilian jiu-jitsu eventually came to be its own art through the experimentations, practices, and adaptation from the Judo knowledge of Carlos and Hélio Gracie, who then passed their knowledge on to their extended family.


BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using proper technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint-locks and chokeholds to defeat the other person. BJJ training can be used for sport grappling tournaments (gi and no-gi) and mixed martial arts (MMA) competition or self-defense. Sparring (commonly referred to as “rolling”) and live drilling play a major role in training, and a premium is placed on performance, especially in competition, in relation to progress and ascension through its ranking system.


Since its inception in 1882, its parent art of Judo was separated from older systems of Japanese ju-jitsu by an important difference that was passed on to Brazilian jiu-jitsu: it is not solely a martial art, it is also a sport; a method for promoting physical fitness and building character in young people; and, ultimately, a way of life.


Why Jiu-Jitsu?


  • Jiu-Jitsu is a great source of cardiovascular exercise which promotes good overall health.
  • Jiu-Jitsu is a great core workout which helps a person with overall stability and balance.
  • Jiu-Jitsu athletes learn to be calm under pressure, which can help a person learn to relax during normal hectic problems of their daily encounters.
  • Jiu-Jitsu teaches very important self-defence techniques.
  • Jiu-Jitsu builds self-confidence.
  • Jiu-Jitsu is a family-oriented sport.
  • Jiu-Jitsu is a great way to make friends.
  • Jiu-Jitsu teaches intricate techniques which helps promote problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Jiu-Jitsu promotes a healthy diet.
  • Jiu-Jitsu is for everybody regardless of age or gender.
Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Scarborough

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes punches, kicks, knees, elbow strikes as well as countless combinations, counters and defenses to keep you safe on your feet.


All Muay Thai Classes are action packed and will provide you with a great cardio workout while you learn how to defend yourself and most importantly, have fun.



Why Muay Thai?


  • Muay Thai is a great source of cardiovascular exercise which promotes good overall health.
  • Muay Thai is a great whole body muscular workout.  You’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out.
  • Muay Thai is a great core workout which helps a person with overall stability and balance.
  • Muay Thai teaches very important self-defence techniques, proper form and is not just another boxercize gym.
  • Muay Thai builds self-confidence.
  • Muay Thai is a great way to relieve everyday stress.
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Straight Blast Gym Scarborough

489 Brimley Rd. Unit #19
Scarborough, Ontario
M1J 1A3

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Getting Here:


We are located at 489 Brimley Rd. just south of Eglinton. Follow the driveway on the southside of the building down to unit #19 (approx 150m).



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