John Frankl BJJ at SBG Scarborough

SBG Toronto put on a fantastic seminar by bringing in the Godfather of Korean Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and 3rd degree Black Belt, John Frankl in for a weekend long BJJ seminar at SBG Scarborough.  We always look forward to John’s visits as he always leaves us with valuable tools and concepts that will continuously help you build and design your own fundamentally sound game, and this visit proved no different.

Accessibility, Repeatability and Sustainability was the underlying theme throughout the weekend where John displayed examples of escapes, positions and submissions that fell under all three categories.  Accessibility meant that it was modular and could fit into everyone’s game; like a concept and/or fundamental that can be used in conjunction with your existing game without prerequisites.  Repeatability meant it’s results had to be consistent like a well thought out science experiment, regardless of you or your opponent’s body shape, size, strength or level.  And finally, it must be sustainable in the short and long term, not only in terms of building a game that minimizes damage to the body, but to build a game that would be relevant at all levels of your development from white to black and beyond.  His examples of escapes, positions and submissions were all well thought out, explained and simplified so that everyone from beginners to advanced students took something valuable home that weekend and could be used the very next day.

In my decades of experience going to martial art seminars, I can’t recommend attending one of Frankl’s enough.  His way of communication, use of analogies, experience and skills puts him on a level beyond most.  So, unless you live in Korea, I would definitely take advantage of one of his seminars if he ever comes to a city near you.

It was an honor to have John Frankl to teach a seminar at SBG Scarborough after only being opened for a month, and I thank Jason from SBG Toronto for giving us the opportunity to have him in our facilities.  In addition, it was also great to have SBG Toronto, SBG Niagara and SBG Scarborough to unite for the first time and I hope we can get together more often to strengthen Straight Blast Gym in southern Ontario.

Thank you John for a great seminar and also thank you to all those that attended to make it even better.

See you all on the mats!



Photos by PK

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