HAF Training workshop at SBG Scarborough

To push our athletes further and to complement our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai training, Straight Blast Gym Scarborough hosted a functional strength training workshop by bringing in Eric Vandermeersch from HAF Training over the past weekend.

Eric has been a long time training partner and friend of ours through SBG Toronto, and also one of the first to introduce crossfit to the western Toronto region. After owning one of the most successful Crossfit gyms, he decided to part ways to develop his own unique gym with his brother, HAF Training.

During the workshop, Eric took us through a great mobility warm-up session, showed us the 9 fundamental motions of weightlifting and talked to us about how we can go about putting together our own strength training routines with our equipment at the gym.  By keeping the workshop small, everyone was able to get individual attention and was able to have all their personal questions answered.  His attention to detail ensured that everyone had proper posture before moving on to the next motion and were prescribed additional exercises for any problems that came up.

Overall, the workshop was more than what we expected.  Eric’s ability to breakdown the fundamentals of weightlifting and convey it in digestible portions left everyone feeling confident and motivated to get lifting.   We look forward to having HAF Training back at SBG Scarborough.

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