First BJJ Competition at SBG Scarborough

Straight Blast Gym Scarborough had it’s first in-house Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition on Saturday, February 13th, where 10 of our members competed for their very first time.  This event was a great way to introduce the sport aspect of Jiu-Jitsu and to further strengthen the team as we prepare for local competitions in the coming months.  Leading up to the event, many of them were seen working hard after class, developing game plans and helping one another out.  Although many of them expressed their anxieties before the comp, everyone did great and had a blast.

Congratulations to John “the catch-as-” Konemann for winning the first title using a fine display of technical Jiu-Jitsu and solid game planning.  John had no points scored against him and subbed all of his opponents.  Congrats to Kyle and Jericho as well for winning second and third, respectively.  However, regardless of outcome, we are all proud of the competitors for testing themselves.  It is never easy to put yourselves on the line and push your boundaries one step further.

Next stop Grappling Industries on March 5th…Here we come!


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